Tax Planning

The Variable of Taxation
Taxation represents one of the most significant variables in your financial planning. Effective tax planning can make a profound difference in your company’s profitability and your personal net worth.

SK Tax Associates offers in-depth tax knowledge to help you take control of your taxes and understand the options within the tax structure. Every decision you make can affect your taxes. We will provide you with timely information to help you make the bestdecisions. Our expertise allows you to comply with current tax laws and anticipate legislative changes in the future. Our

services allow you to:
* Increase profitability and net worth by minimizing taxes
* Plan to reduce or minimize taxes
* Plan for the tax consequences of transferring assets
* Learn how acquisitions and mergers will affect your tax position prior to making a move
* Retain better tax documentation
* Take advantage of tax research and IRS audit assistance
* Properly plan your estate
Changing Tax Laws
With today’s rapidly changing tax laws, timely and effective tax planning is essential for your success. SK Tax Associates can provide you with a definite advantage in tax planning.

SK Tax Associates offers a full range of income tax planning and return preparation services. We have complete in-house research capabilities and stay current on new laws. We communicate all significant changes to our clients and are always alert to issues and changes that may affect the financial position of a particular client.

Tax Planning and Compliance for Individuals
SK Tax Associates can prepare all Federal and State income tax returns. More importantly we are available throughout the year to assist you in understanding the tax consequences of anticipated transactions. We try to meet with each client when preparing their return, if possible. The meeting gives us a chance to review your information as well as discuss any other matters that you wish.

Tax Planning and Compliance for Businesses
Taxes can have a significant impact on the operation of any business. We work in phases of the life of a business including assisting in the selection of the type of entity to be used, preparing annual tax filings and finding the best way to dispose of a< business.

We prepare all federal, state and local tax returns for any form of business entity, but return preparation is the last step in doing good tax planning. We are available throughout the year to assist you. The choice of business entity (corporation,partnership, LLC etc.) can have a significant impact on your tax picture. Each has both tax and economic advantages and disadvantages which we can help you evaluate.

Estate and Fiduciary Tax Planning and Compliance
We are experienced in preparing income tax returns for estates and trusts. We can also advise you on the best ways to establish trusts. We will work with you and your attorney in arranging your affairs in a way that both minimizes the tax burden and meets your objectives. Your objectives are of primary importance to us as your financial advisor. We can provide unbiased professional advice and assistance to your and your attorney.